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Join us for a virtual Holiday Party
with HOHLAX live streamed from Athens, Greece
Sunday, December 19
12 Noon PT

Holhax Event Dec 2021 -2 (1)

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Recent Past Events

September 18, 2021
Rena Karyofyllidou
Kyriakos Moisidis
Dance Workshop
Live Stream from Thessaloniki
Kyriakos Moisidis has conducted primary dance research in several Greek communities. He teams up with Rena Karyofyllidou, who has taught Greek dancing for 36 years. They will be teaching dances of Asia Minor and the Eastern Aegean Islands.
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Taught by Kyriakos:

Rododaktylos Avgi
from the Marmara, Constantinople

Bam / Aptalikos
Face-to-face dance from Lesvos

from the island of Limnos

Taught by Rena:

Limnios or Tsibliarikos
from the island of Imvros

Sina Mou
from the island of Inousses

Sousta or Arap Sousta
from Volissos / Chios

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July 10, 2021
HoHLaX & Friends

Orestis Koletsos and Jaime Robin Smith will be joined by their Athenian musician friends in a concert LIVE from Athens, Greece.
Hohlax Art

June 5, 2021
Dances of the Dodecanese Islands
with Anna Mavrou

Live Stream from Kalamata, Greece

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Dances taught by Anna Mavrou

Politikos Syrto
Travihtos Syrto Kos
Thimariotikos Kalymnos
Issos Kalymnos
Sianos Kos
Sousta Kalymnos
Samiotikos Kalymnos
Ballos Kos
Evraiopoula Kos
Pentozali Kos

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May 8, 2021
Greek Dance Workshop
with Axilleas Tsiaras

Live Stream from Meliti
in the Roumlouki region of Macedonia, Greece

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Dances taught by Axilleas Tsiaras
May 8, 2021

Pantinada “Kateva Lenko”





April 3, 2021
Greek Dance Workshop
Yannis Konstantinou
Live Stream from Lake Prespa,
in the Florina region of Greece

Yannis K. Event

Dances taught by Yannis Konstantinou
April 3, 2021

1. Antipera
Vlach dance from Eastern Macedonia
2. Dervenagas
Vlach dance from Central Macedonia

3. Strotos Voiou
4. Konstantinia
Dance in 7/8
5. Tsamiko “Mouriki”
Dance from Vlach village of Vlasti, Western Macedonia

6. Tsamiko Voiou

7. Lontzia Voiou

8. Berace
Dance from Korestia villages, Western Macedonia

9. Berace Arvanitiko
Dance from village of Flambouro, Florina

10. Leventiko Prespas

11. Pousteno Kastoria

12. Pousteno Florina

13. Tsotso
Dance of Alona. The dance of Tsotso’s family.

14. Stamkiko
Dance of Alona. The dance of Stamko’s family.
15. Marena
Dance of West Central Macedonia

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March 13, 2021
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See it again on YouTube

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February 6, 2021

Greek Dance Workshop
with Kyriakos Moisidis
Live stream from Thessaloniki, Greece

Kyriakos Art

Dances taught by Kyriakos Moisidis
February 6, 2021

1. Milisso
Dance in 7/8 from Monastiri, North Thrace.

2. Kalon Korits
Dance in 5/8 from Matsouka, Pontos.

3. Yantsiska
Dance in 7/8 from Episkopi and Hariessa, Naoussa, Macedonia.

4. Evraiopoula
Couple dance in 9/8 from Dodekanese islands and Kos.

5. Dervenagas
Vlach dance in 3/4 from Serres, Macedonia.

6. Armatsouk
Dance in 2/4 from Kars.

7. Aptalikos
Dance in 9/8 from Asia Minor.

January 9, 2021
Greek Dance Workshop
Christos art

Dances taught by Christos Papakostas
January 9, 2021

1. Thlikotos
Tsamiko dance in 6/8 from the village of Ayios Giorgos, Karditsa, in the Agrafa Mountains region of Thessaly.

2. Vgika Psila Sta Marmara
Face-to-face dance in 8/4 from Verdikousia, Larissa, Thessaly and Deskati, Grevena, Epiros.

3. Dai Liri Dai Frangi
Line Karsilamas in 9/8 from Goumenissa, Kilkis.

4. Marena
Dance in 11/8 from Edessa, Macedonia.

Saturday, December 5, 2020
Dromeno art

See it again on YouTube

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Nikos Michailidis
Pontic-Greek Music in the 21st Century

Live stream from Thessaloniki, Greece, via Zoom

Nikos art

11:00 am PDT * 1:00 pm CDT * 2:00 pm EDT

21:00 in Greece

* * *
Saturday, October 3, 2020
Greek Dance Workshop with

Yvonne Hunt

Direct from her home in Seattle via Zoom

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These are the dances taught by Yvonne:

Gaida, from Flambouro, Serres

2. Palios Horos, from Ayios Pnevma, Serres
3. Paidouska, from Skotoussa, Serres
4. Greveniotikos Tsamikos, from Grevena
  • Alternate track:
5. Yerikos, Gaida from Pondismeno, Irakleio, Serres

This is the music Joe Graziosi used at his August workshop.

1. Kalamatianos Panhellenic dance

Kalamatianos Kalymnos from the island of Kalymnos

Haniotikos Syrtos from Chania, Crete

Alternate track:

Pouscheno / Levendikos from Florina

Thank you to all who participated in the workshop with Christos Papakostas.
See music links for the dances he taught below.

Sousta Siatistas from Siatista, Western Macedonia, Greece

2. Tremouliastos, from Eastern Roumeli, Western Black Sea

3. Teska, from Drama, Central Macedonia

4. “Varia Varoun Ta Simantra,” Syngathistos from Vlach village of Syrrako, Epirus